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20-Mangshir-2076, Friday

About LDTA

LDTA was established as an autonomous body on 4th Ashwin 2050 B.S.  It was established under the Local Development Training Academy Act 2049. The aims, objectives of the LDTA is guided by LDTA act and its regulations. It has a long history associated with it. It was associated with rural development since the days of 2009 B.S in ‘Tribhuwan Gram Bikas Karyakram’ and has been since then institutionally working  for the capacity development of the local bodies. At present, LDTA has 9 training centers across the nation. Among those 9 training centers,  5 Rural Development Training Academy namely at Jhapa, Janakpur, Khanirinitar(Tanahu), Nepalgunj and Doti, ; 1 Urban Development Training Academy at Pokhara; 2 Women Development Training at Jawalakhel(Lalitpur) and Surkhet; and one head office also known as LDTA situated at Jawalakhel.

After the first (2046) and second (2063) revolution, LDTA has expanded its role on so as to fulfill the contemporary demands of capacity development of the Local Level. In present context, LDTA has been supporting vigorously in Human Resource of the Local Level for a better service delivery and better governance. For this, LDTA has prioritized the Support and Co-ordination of MoFAGA and along with the  support of various donor agencies. LDTA is an institution which is aware of its increasing responsibility and it is dedicated in achieving its goal.

Mr. Pit Kumar Shrestha
Executive Director


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