Major Training Programs Conducted by Local Development Training Academy(LDTA)

S.N                           Packages
A                 Institutional Development Related.
1.                 Institutional Development and Management.
2.                Local Bodies Resource Mobilization.
3.                Developing Yearly Procurement Plan.
4.                Local Self Governance, Planning and Financial Responsibilities( VDC Secretaries and VDC Staffs).
5.                Vital Registration.
6.                Civic Oversight Function and Social Accountability.
7.                PPP(Public Private Partnership) Training program for Local Bodies.
8.               Leadership Development Training ( for Local Bodies Officials).

B             National Service Provider(NSP) for LGCDP-II/ MoFALD
1.              Training on Basic Social Mobilization.
2.             Training on Regenerated Freirean Literacy through Empowering Community Technique (REFLECT).
3.              CAC(Citizen Awareness Center) Facilitation Training for Local Resource Person (LRP) .

C             Human Resource Capacity Development Related
1.             Training of Trainers/ Facilitation (for Facilitators).
2.            Positive attitude.
3.            Revenue Improvement Action Plan.
4.            Training on Financial Management.
5.            Technical Training for VDC Technician.
6.            IPFC Training.
7.            Livelyhood Improvement Programme.
8.           Planning and Development Training for Planning Officers at Local Body.
9.           In-service Training for VDC secretaries.
10.         Project Cycle Management Training.

D          Cross-Cutting Development Issues Related
1.           Training on Good Governance.
2.          Training on Gender Equality & Social Inclusion(GESI) / MTOT.
3.          Training on ICT and E-Governance.
4.          Mainstreaming Disaster and Climate Risk Management into Development Process.
5.          Environment Friendly Local Governance.
6.          Training on CFLG.
7.          Training on Conflict Management.
8.          LFA Master TOT.

E       Consultation service
1.           Developing Yearly Procurement Plan.
2.           Institutional Development and Management.
3.           District Periodic Plan.